Privacy Policy

The current Privacy Policy is issued to give protection to Users of the Website which will be referred to from now on as “the Website”. The website is the property of MUVOIL CONSULTING, S.C., which from now will be referred to as “MUVOIL”. The use or navigation of any person in said Website, gives them the status of User.

The current Privacy Policy, which from now will be referred to as “the Policy”, informs the User – who wants to make use of the Website of MUVOIL to ask for consulting services in any of our departments related to the Energy Sector, mainly in the E&P industry/the Upstream Sector – about the use and the management of their Personal Data and / or Sensitive Personal Data. This include to inform the User the rules, procedures, control mechanisms, among other relevant aspects in regard with your Personal Data and / or Sensitive of Financial Personal Data.


According with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Individuals, the Privacy Policy of MUVOIL considers Personal Data and / or Sensitive Personal Data to be as follows:

a) Personal Data.- Any information concerning an individual, identified or identifiable (refers to any information regarding with your person).

b) Sensitive Personal Data.- Personal data regarding the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may rise to discrimination or entails a serious risk to it. In particular, it is considered sensitive the information that can reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health condition, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions and sexual preference.

It is protected by this Policy all Personal Data the User willingly provide by the use of the Website, main object of this Policy, through registration process an any other method. MUVOIL can use the “Internet Protocol” (IP) address for administrative systems or to collect some additional information, which will have the same confidentiality.


MUVOIL does not collect the User Personal Data other than what the User provides willingly: through the registration forms on the Website, communication by e-mail, or any other communication addressed to MUVOIL.

MUVOIL will not process or share Personal Data with third parties without previous consent of the User, through electronic acceptance when you provide your information by widgets, filling forms or any other content in the Website.


Personal Data given in confidentiality is used to provide the User a customized service according to its needs and, if applicable, provide carefully selected content and publicity that might be of their interest.

The User accept that MUVOIL will use Personal Data for statistical purposes, accumulative, for marketing researches and other related activities.


Cookies are small data files transferred by the Website to the hard drive of your computer while browsing, which are useful to give you better service regarding with our products and/or services. Cookies can be session or permanent. Session cookies remember the activity you had previously in our Website. Session cookies do not remain on your computer after you log out of your browser, while permanent cookies remain on computers until they are deleted or expire. Permanent cookies remember previous activity the User have in the Website. Make possible to keep the User preferences throughout sessions, which allow us to personalize, for example, the manner in which the Website provide information of your interest.

The same way, Cookies can be used to prevent we show adverts, news and / or recommendations you could be interested on, according with your previous activity while visiting our Website. Cookies are also used to set strategies that allow us to raise quality in our products and / or services.

Counters of visits or Web beacons, in general are images embedded in a website and are used to count the number of visitors of a website or can even allow access to some cookies. The use of Web beacons in our Website has the purpose of giving us statistics regarding those products and / or services you have interest on. This visit counters regularly do not collect information other than the one your browser provide us as part of a standard basis of any internet browser. If you would choose to disable Cookies on your browser, the visit counter will no longer follow your specific activity.

Some websites inside our domain could use objects store locally, like Flash Cookies or local storage with HTML5. This kind of objects store locally are used with similar purposes than Cookies, but generally can include more quantity of data different than browser Cookies. You can change your Flash player configuration on the Settings Section according to your preferences about the type of storage for local objects to share, you can even deactivate local objects shared only for chosen websites or deactivate the storage of local objects shared completely from all websites.

Most of browsers or searchers on internet allows deactivate or permit the use of Cookies. You can also delete Cookies from your computer if your browser allows it. If you disable Cookies, it is possible that you cannot use certain parts of our Website and will be necessary to reinstall a rejected Cookie. In which case, you will have different options to limit the access to those Cookies and Web beacons from our Website in your computer.


It is possible that in our Website we set some links with the aim to provide quick access to other websites that we consider interesting for our Users. In which case, it is important to let you know this Privacy Policy and the obligations MUVOIL has regarding with your Personal Data management, are valid only in regard to our Website, reason why we are not and will not be responsible of the content of third parties.


MUVOIL is committed to avoid sharing Confidential Data provided by the User with any third party, except when we have authorization from the User. In spite of the Policy of non-disclosure of Personal Data, MUVOIL will make this information known: (1) when MUVOIL considers said information necessary to identify, communicate with, or take legal actions against someone that could be harming or obstructing Muvoil’s rights or property; (2) according to the legislation or Authority that, in their jurisdiction, could ask for it.


Personal Data provided by the User will take part of a file on its profile. By accessing to its profile, the User can modify and / or update information at any time. MUVOIL suggest the User to update its information every time this change, considering it would allow us to give you better customized services.

By processing your Personal Data, MUVOIL commits that our team and Website mechanisms, will fulfil safety and confidentiality standards necessary to procure security, integrity and privacy of the information collected from the User. MUVOIL will take reasonable measures to allow the User to update Personal Data already shared whenever the User ask for it, MUVOIL will procure to systemically delete records from the User and its Personal Data from data base; However, it could be impossible to delete completely all information of the User due to security copies and records previously stored.


The Personal Data collected will be protected by appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment, in accordance with the provisions of the administrative regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MUVOIL does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot access the physical or logical systems, or in the electronic documents and files stored in their systems. Consequently, MUVOIL will not be liable in any case for damages that may arise from such unauthorized access.


The present privacy and / or confidentiality statement, which describe the Privacy Policy of MUVOIL, stablish a valid agreement between the User and MUVOIL; If the User make use of MUVOIL online services states that have read, understood, accepted and consequently agreed to the terms set forth in this Policy. In case of disagreement, the User WILL NOT provide any Personal Data, or will use this service or any other information related with the Website.