Given the current situation, governments are applying different measures to support the Oil Industry. What measures are being applied in LATAM countries regarding the Upstream Industry?


  • Access to the Emergency Support Program of Work and Production. 
  • Local increase “barril criollo” price.
  • Suspension of deadlines to submit Development Plans, and Annual Programs of Work and Production.
  • Suspension of deadlines for procedures, such as: sample collection and natural gas; calibration of secondary and primary elements; inspection of measurement systems; testing of flare gas flow meters, and onshore well testing. 
  • Deferment of activities foreseen in the Annual Work Program, up to 1 year.
  • Extension of deadlines for ANP applications. 
  • Extraordinary authorization for flaring in small production fields, up to 100 Mcfd Natural Gas. 
  • Suspension of audits during the sanitary emergency and mandatory local distance evaluations.
  • Assignment of Activities or Exploratory Investments between Contracts and Agreements signed with the ANH, without offering additional investment.
  • Reduction of the Economic Right of Participation applicable to production, up to a minimum of 1 % in the Receiving Contracts.
  • Extension of terms of the Exploration Period, deadlines of the Appraisal Period, Declaration of Commerciality, submission of Development Plans, and Work Programs. 
  • Reduction of validity and percentages of Compliance Guarantees.
  • Asignatarios: Reduction of the Shared Utility Right (DUC) from 58% to 28% for the monthly provisional payments of 2020, as well as for the annual one to be paid in March 2021.

By Rosalía Hernández, Consultant at Muvoil Consulting

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