During its 3rd Ordinary Session, CNH´s Governing body approved the interpretation for administrative purposes of article 10, section V of the Technical Guidelines for Hydrocarbons Measurement (hereinafter referred as the Guidelines). 

As discussed in the Session, the Guidelines oblige the Contractors to submit before the Commission data regarding natural gas:i)volume, expressed in ft3 and ii) calorific power, expressed in BTU/ft3 (article 10, section V.c.). 

However, to fulfill international standards API MPMS 14.15 and GPA 2145; referred to in article 10, section V.f, it is mandatory that Contractors – besides submitting volume and calorific power – calculate the value for the “energy equivalent in millions of BTUs per component of natural gas”. 

The Technical Unit of Extraction from CNH will notify the Operators of the interpretation described herein. It will also be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. 

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Layla Vargas
General Director