About Us

At Muvoil Consulting we are a specialized firm composed by a team of specialists in different disciplines of the Oil & Gas industry, thet offers solutions in key areas such as legal, regulatory, financial, social, techinical and enviromental aspects.

Due to our multidisciplinary approach, our firm offers a comprenhensive understanding of the diverse complexities involved while operating the Upstream Sector in Mexico.

We provide integral services and solutions, tailored to meet each of our clients requirements.

Muvoil Team:


Among our specialists, our team is comprised with Administrative and Energy Law, E&P Contracts lawyers with extensive experience in designing and customizing regulatory and contractual strategies with a diligent focus on the timely fulfillment of specific objectives.

In fact, our team has contributed to the legal and regulatory design of the current Mexico’s energy reform, where our team composed of former members of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) and the Ministry of Energy of Mexico (Secretaría de Energía de México) had contributed with their expertise to comply with the expected growth of the O&G industry.


Our team has experience in matters related to the Mexican legal framework for the Upstream sector; such as the development of compliant strategies and methodologies, with a regulatory analysis applicable to the E&P industry; financial and transactional projects with clients in Mexico and other parts of the world; finance and investment project evaluation;  with years of experience in price regulation, risk management and tax regulation; as well as in verification of the optimal results for the audits of the SHCP (Mexican Tax Administration Services) which are important for Recovery Costs matters.


In relation with our technical team, we have world class petroleum engineers specialized in production forecasts; reserves quantification, certification, and consolidation; with experience designing Development Plans under the FEL methodology and regulatory compliance; specialized in Renewable and Sustainable Energies, Development Plans for the extraction of Hydrocarbons, their modifications, and the Use of Associated Natural Gas.