To the relief of the companies struggling with the prequalification stage of the Bidding Rounds CNH, last Monday, approved the establishment of the Consultative Council for the Analysis of the Administrative Dispositions to issue Certificates of Legal, Financial, Technical, Experience and Implementation capabilities in Exploration and Extraction of Hydrocarbons so as to define the process of obtaining Certificates to participate in the different Bidding Rounds (onshore, shallow waters and deep waters).

Once the mechanism commences, Companies can prove their capabilities – according to the standardized criteria defined by SENER – at any time of the year. Information and data can be uploaded through the web.

In the same public session, CNH authorized workshops to explain the procedures of the different stages of the ongoing Rounds to award Contractual Areas in Shallow Waters (CNH-R03-L02/2018), and Unconventional Resources (CNH-R03-L03/2018). The workshops will follow CNH’s protocols.

Finally, last Tuesday, CNH issued its opinion regarding the modality of the Contract to be used once the migration process of 25 Pemex’s Entitlements concludes:

ClusterEntitlementLocated in
ArtesaA-0029-M-Campo Artesa
A-0236-M-Campo Níspero
A-0312-M-Campo Sitio Grande
A-0291-M-Campo Río Nuevo
A-0141-M-Campo Gaucho
Bacal-NelashAE-0235-2M-Campo Nelash
AE-0036-2M-Campo Bacal
AE-0339-2M-Campo Tiumut
A-0027-M-Campo Arrollo Prieto
Bedel-GasíferoA-0045-M-Campo Bedel
A-0140-M-Campo Gasífero
A-0122-M-Campo Eltreinta
Giraldas-SunuapaA-0144-M-Campo Giraldas
A-0317-M-Campo Sunuapa
A-0099-M-Campo Comoapa
A-0083-M-Campo Chiapas Copanó
A-0230-M-Campo Muspac
Juspí-TeotlecoA-0169-M-Campo Juspí
A-0329-M-Campo Teotleco
LacamangoAE-0187-2M-Campo LacamangoVeracruz

Sources: 21st and 22nd Extraordinary Sessions of CNH. 

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Layla Vargas
General Director